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With the development of science and technology, more and more consumer electronic products not just limited to the versatility of the product, at the same time they also pursuing stylish appearance and a small, thin shape. Playing pin connectors (pogo pin connector)unique advantages can help structural designers a good solution to the problem of structural design space and connector standard, spring pin connectors (pogo pin connector in the package) gradually becomes the first and fundamental considerations of product structure designers.

The current success is widely used in the field of electronic products: mobile phones, military communications, aerospace electronics, medical equipment, portable electronic products ...

Structural engineer who fancy it is in the design of ultra-short ultra-small size, excellent space saving capabilities, coupled with the plating process multiply our connector has excellent conductivity, high-frequency characteristics and polar low on-resistance, in addition, the design of the spring connector to ensure the stability of the stable elastic as well as hundreds of thousands of life! Based on the excellent performance of the bomb-pin connectors (pogo pin connector), it being addressed can not be solved by traditional shrapnel connector connection technology.

More and more products structural engineer is gradually recognize and understand it, a lot of high-end products in the field, spring pin connectors (pogo pin connector) is rapidly swallowed and replace the traditional shrapnel connector market has gradually become the mainstream technology! Well-known of Apple Inc., has been on a full range of MacBook full use of the bomb-pin

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